Bibles -  Quiz + Storybook is a Christian software suite consisting of multiple applications!  It is designed to help you and your family become motivated to read the Bible and does it in an entertaining manner. Bibles – Quiz + Storybook has advanced utility features that allow you to print out question test sheets and a question generator that will allow you to create your own question sets!   Implement our 30 minutes a week Parents Plan and see the results of your family's spiritual growth.

With 3 built in Bibles (KJV, ASV, and Young's Literal Translation), you now have the convenient means in which to read and study the Bible in it's entirety.  The control panel allows you to search Bible text and quickly navigate through passages. Do you know all 66 books of the Bible? Click the Songs of the Bible (OT & NT) buttons and hear them sung so you can learn them.

The Bible Quiz Game allows up to (6)six players go head to head, trying to answer the most questions correct in order to win the game. The program automatically rotates turns between players and if there is a tie at the end of the game, it resets for the tie breaker. When played in single player mode you will be given a grade score when completed. Our built-in database of over 1000 questions - feature beginner, intermediate, and scholar question sets allow you to choose and play the game at the level of your knowledge of the Bible.  The quiz module motivates and moves you to read the Bible, so you can become competitive in winning against your family and friends.

The Horse and the Fox Storybook is a 32 page interactive CD, that tells the narrated story of Thunder the horse and Freddy the fox. Freddy has been captured by farmers, in order to satisfy their desire to have a fox hunt. Thunder, Bonjo the dog, and Willie the raccoon, have one day to come up with a plan to free Freddy, so he will not be killed by the hunters. They set in place an elaborate plan, in order to set Freddy free. The storybook module will teach your children the importance of having good moral values.

All these applications Built - In - One program! 

View the Bible Quiz Plus - 30 minutes a week - Parent Plan and see how Bible Quiz plus can help you to meet God's commandment of bringing up your children in his principles.  Click BQPParentsPlan.pdf for PDF Brochure.

Installation Instructions:
- Once you Purchase you will be directed back to this main site
2.- Click on My Account at the top of the page (if not already there)
3 - Click on Order History from the menu - You will see your order status is Pending.  PLEASE Note: It could take up to 1 hour for your order to complete. Your order status will be pending until payment is cleared and you will not see a download option until payment is completed.
4 - Once Payment is completed - Select Downloads from the My Account menu.  You will then click on the Download icon to begin downloading the file named - the file will download to your default user downloads directory.
5 - Once the file is downloaded to your PC, Right Click on the file and Extract All 
- You will see a file named Setup.exe, Double click on the setup.exe file and installation will begin.  Simply follow all on screen prompts and Bibles - Quiz + Storybook will be installed onto your PC.

System Requirements:
Broadband High Speed internet connection
( file (358 Mb) will be downloaded to your PC)
OS:  Windows XP to Latest 10
Ram:  1 Gb    
Hard Drive: 420 Mb 
CPU:  2.0Ghz – above
Sound: Directx9 - above
*Must have .Net 3.5 sp1 installed on your PC and administrator rights.

Apps available for Free on Google Play and the Apple Apps Store

For more information visit (the official Bibles - Quiz + Storybook website)

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